Tuesday, August 24, 2010

HeLLO World

world . what's up ? how's everyone doing out there ? i know you guys were thinking like what happened to his blog nothing new up lately?
well i've been away i was gone to the west coast a little vacation as well as seeing family , one of my cousin got married so i went to the weeding. so its been a busy but worthwhile summer i had good time out in California i think its my new second home now . i love it there , but im back and i'm going to pick up where i left of and thats continuing to give y'll out there the best fashion looks out there . but i do have a few pictures and some footage of the trips i did so those will be up on there ya know um alot of things going on new releases in shoes , bags etc those will be up also and other than that.  i want to thank you all out there and keep supporting

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