Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Gentlemen, You guys need to get an Issue of Port magazine its a  manhood that your missing out on. It's the best magazine for us guys. So get yours soon!

Talks about Initiations, Style Briefing,Design Briefing .. etc

launches later this week, hitting the men’s market at a time of unparalleled panic in that market. The mass titles (FHM, Nuts etc) are in denial about lack of ambition and look like following Arena down the drain; the posh end (GQ, Esquire) are ring-fenced ad vehicles. What can an unfunded independent offer?
The simple answer is, something quite different to the rest of the men’s market. Editor Dan Crowe and creative directors Kuchar Swara and Matt Willey have created a very modern magazine but one that is clearly positioned within their collective understanding of the history of magazines. This is no surprise – Crowe has form as editor of the creatively successful literary magazine Zembla; Willey designed that title while working at Frost Design; and Swara has worked at Esterson Associates and been part of Tyler Brulé’s Winkreative team, where he helped relaunch Italian interiors title Casa Da Abitare. This is a team with an interest in well-crafted editorial communication.
What we get is a beautiful modern take on old-school magazine values. Like all editorial offices, the Port HQ features shelves of reference material but wisely prominent on theirs is Ruari McLean’s classic ‘Magazine Design’. The Port team know this book well – not a criticism, more designers should familiarise its content – and have mined its sixties men’s magazines for reference.

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