Friday, October 14, 2011

My Public Service Announcement

I've been running a fashion blog for three years now, this blog has helped my love for fashion and as well broaden it. To open my eyes to different fashions within my culture but also all over the world. Having a blog is like driving a boat in open sea, you never know what direction you may end up in unless of course you have a map or a compass. But I truly believe that its like just floating in one big world of incredible creation. Having my blog has inspired to never settle in fashion and to be accepting of people and the different style each person has. Having my blog has made me a fashion machine, I get excited when I see a girl or guy expressing themselves and not afraid of being different. But it has also made me "cold" meaning I will judge the shit out of you for having bad style or fashion. Now since were are mentioning style and fashion two separate and totally different things. Style is style its something that you have you don't you can't buy it. Style is the way you cary yourself, they way you were raised or taught its not something you pick up. Now fashion is something you buy or create but you cannot be fashionable without having style, its impossible ladies and gentlemen. You can go and buy from every " designer" store in the world but if you can't style what you buy together then your going to look like every idiot out there who's dressed in brand names... DO YOU GET ME NOW. Getting back to my blog, ill finish off by saying that I love blogging ill continue to blog because I have this burning flame inside of me that won't stop oh and like I said I love fashion and style.
Keep visiting and stay tuned for future project and or events


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